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How to use Han Trainer Digital Flashcards on your mobile

  1. Download Han Trainer Digital Flashcards to your computer
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
    The JPEG files are now on your computer in 2 seperate folders
  3. Does your display have landscape or portrait format?
    There's a folder with suitable files for both cases
  4. Copy the JPEG files to your mobile phone
    If your mobile phone has a memory card, insert it into your computer, Or connect your mobile phone to the computer to copy the files directly.
  5. Find the JPEG files on your mobile phone
    ...ideally, try finding th folder on your picture viewer. For that, it may be necessary to store the files directly in a certain folder on your mobile, such as "photos" or "downloaded pictures"
  6. Sort the files alphabetically
    This is to assure that the pictures are displayed in the correct order (front side first, then tha back side)
  7. Open the first file and learn Chinese
    First look at the front side of a card, than at it's back side (with the solution). Use the arrow keys on your mobile phone to see the previous / next file.
  8. You've got no suitable mobile phone? Just use your iPod.
    Or your digital camera, your PDA, your portable DVD player, your navigation system, ...
Click here to see the design of the back side of a learning card
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