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Han Trainer Digital Flashcards...

  • can be used on all mobile devices equipped with a color display tha can display JPEG picture files in alphabetical order: mobile phones, iPhones, digital cameras, e-book readers, ...
  • ideally supplement your learning with Han Trainer Pro and can be combined with any Chinese course or text book.
  • have no additional weight - just keep them to your mobile and you can learn everywhere.
  • show you Chinese characters clear and sized. This is good for your eyes and helps with complicated characters – especially to learn complicated notation.
  • are designed in a way that motivates you to use them.
  • have been designed by Europeans in collaboration with Chinese native speakers. They are a bespoke solution for English native speakers.

By the way : If you prefer not so learn from a screen, Han Trainer Flashcards (printed on premium carton) might be the better solution for you.

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